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One of the Nation's Largest Social Security Disability Law Firms

Our licensed attorneys and professionally-trained staff are ready to help get your Social Security disability benefits. We are a law firm with licensed lawyers with the legal know-how to apply, appeal, organize and argue for your disability claim. We offer 24/7 free consultations online and you pay no fees unless you win!

I am disabled. What can Social Security pay me?

Social Security is not just an entitlement for people that are retired. It also pays people that cannot work because of medical problems. It is a challenge to deal with health issues. The added pressure of filing a claim or appealing a denied claim can cause you additional stress and worry. Getting a disability attorney involved quickly in the process is essential in making sure that your claim is approved and that you have support throughout the appeal process.

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Unfortunately many people don't have a Social Security disability law firm represent them in their initial filings or appeals. This can cause delays or denials that may seriously impact your ability to pay bills, provide for the family or continue with medical treatment. We make it easy to meet with one of our licensed attorneys. We have offices setup in various states including

  • Minnesota including Minneapolis & Saint Paul
  • Ohio including Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, Cleveland, Toledo
  • Wisconsin including Milwaukee and Madison
  • Kentucky including Lexington and Louisville
  • • Missouri including St. Charles, Creve Couer and Flourissant

Don't wait. Find out if you qualify for disability.

Social Security payments depend on your specific case and disability. The first step to getting your payment is easy - Call us! We will listen to you and get the facts on your case. Everything is confidential and your evaluation is free of charge. We look forward to hearing from you.