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Welcome Attorney Serah Siemann!

Attorney Serah Siemann joined Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC June 16, 2012.  She primarily practices Social Security Disability law in the Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio areas.  Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik has over 40 years combined experience representing over 20,000 clients in Social Security Disability Law. Attorney Siemann was born in Iowa but moved regularly all across the United States.  She moved from Iowa to Texas when she was one year old only to move again to Illinois & Colorado.  She graduated High School in Georgia but returned to Iowa for college.  She graduated from Saint Leo University in Florida majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Spanish.  She also completed significant coursework in social work. After College, Serah became a licensed foster parent, caring for 19 children over two and half years, and adopting two of those children.  Serah also worked as a social worker for six and half years.  She performed contract in home social work, worked at in- and out-patient treatment centers, and with adjudicated delinquent teens.  Serah decide to pursue a legal career because she wanted to do something more and have the chance to make a bigger difference.  She also realized raising special needs kids and working in the social work field stretched her too thin. Serah decided it was time for a change for herself and her kids.  She looked for law schools and communities that would fit that need.  Serah was accepted to the University of Dayton School of Law and seized the opportunity to give her kids a fresh start away from the upheaval of their past lives. She planned to focus her law school studies on juvenile or social work law.  She was the Founder and President of the Advocates for Child Law Awareness at the University of Dayton.  With the goal of advocating for the awareness of children’s legal rights, this student organization existed to educate its membership as to the law for children and the role of the juvenile lawyer in the legal system.   As part of the group, Serah assisted with hosting fundraising events for shelters in the area.  The group, with Serah’s help, assisted in putting on the Gilvarry Symposium, “The Justice System through the Eyes of the Child.”  Serah also began acting as a court appointed Special Advocate in 2009. Despite her interest in these areas of the law, Serah soon realized she wanted a more diverse experience so she sought varied opportunities in law school.  Serah achieved over 650 hours of pro bono work during law school.  She volunteered at Wills for Heroes events; providing wills for police and fire fighters.  She participated in Teen Court programs and interned with the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office.  She also had an internship with Montgomery County Probate Court Judge McCollum. Serah started work with Wells Law Office in South Dayton, Ohio as a Consumer Advocate Law Clerk in September 2010.  Her work entailed consumer protection litigation support, automobile fraud, and breach of warranty matters.  The firm also practiced in the area of faulty home repair, and consumer protection in housing and real estate law. Continuing with her exploration of new areas of the law, Serah decided to leave the firm and join Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC.  Serah was excited to stay in the Dayton area after being admitted to the bar May 2012.  Serah understood that her past social work experience would be an asset while working at Hoglund.  Many of her clients would be in situations very similar to those of her former social work clients.  Serah noted that her most pleasant experience since joining Hoglund was the great contact with clients and new people every day.  She wanted the opportunity to work with people who are struggling and need her help and the firm has provided this opportunity. Serah’s advice to clients: “Make sure your treatment is up to date and that you are being clear with your Doctor about the ailments you are experiencing.  She advises clients to not get discouraged with the timeframe but to use that time wisely to build the perfect case for yourself.  Social Security’s first look is only at your medical records so those need to be clear.  If there is not support in the medical records, Social Security will not see anything wrong with you.” Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, PLLC has been practicing in Social Security Disability law for over 20 years.  To learn more about Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, complete a free evaluation of your Social Security Claim.