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What is Kyphosis and is it a Disability?

Kyphosis is an over-curvature of the upper back – in medical terminology the thoracic spine. There are varied causes for this curvature. It can result from degenerative changes such as arthritis, osteoporosis that has resulted in compression fractures, untreated trauma and developmental problems. Thankfully most cases of kyphosis are mild however serious cases can be quite debilitating. Symptoms of more serious cases can include neurological, breathing, digestion and cardiovascular issues as well as pain. In the most serious of cases an individual’s life expectancy may be reduced. More serious cases do not respond well to conservative measures and usually a procedure known as a spinal fusion is required to correct the abnormal curvature. Depending on the severity of the abnormal curvature more conservative measures such as a back brace or specialized physical therapy may be able to correct the problem. In cases which require the more invasive spinal fusion procedure complications can include nerve damage, tissue damage and breathing difficulties. Serious cases of kyphosis can certainly be a condition which is disabling. Individuals 50 and over who cannot do the work they have done before, those who can no longer ambulate effectively (a term of art meaning walk), and younger individuals who experience such severe symptoms such that they cannot even work sitting down should investigate whether they may be eligible for disability. If you have a claim for disability benefits contact our office today for a free evaluation.