Disability Lawyer

What happens if a person dies while receiving benefits?

If somebody who passes away while receiving Social Security Disability benefits there are a few steps that are important to remember for the family members of the deceased person. The stress and pain that occurs when a family member passes away makes it easy to not remember, or push off, certain obligations, these obligations include informing Social Security about the death of the beneficiary. Oftentimes, the funeral director will notify Social Security about the death. However, if Social Security payments continue to be a paid, the survivors need to inform Social Security about the death. In certain cases, benefits can be given to the deceased person’s survivors by Social Security. Nevertheless, any payments paid to the deceased person, after their death, needs to be returned to the Social Security Administration. Payments for the month that the beneficiary passed away need to be returned so Social Security as well. For instance, if a person passed away in the middle of the month in March, the payment that arrives in April, as well as any payment received afterwards, needs to be returned to Social Security. The survivors of the beneficiaries who received payment by direct deposit, in addition to notifying Social Security, need to call the financial institution or the bank and request that the additional payments be sent back to Social Security. However, if the payments were sent by check to the beneficiary, the survivors should not cash the checks. The check or checks need to be returned to Social Security. It is also important to understand the benefits for the survivors, including a one-time payment of $255.00 to the spouse of the deceased if they lived together. This benefit may also be paid to a divorce spouse if they had previously received benefits under the deceased person’s record. If there is nobody else, the children of the deceased may receive the benefit. Additionally, certain family members may be eligible for survivors’ benefits. These family members may include spouses, children, divorced spouses, and parents who were dependent on the deceased. A person’s death is very difficult for the survivors. Social Security wants to make sure the benefits that are available to the survivors are given to them if they are eligible. However, Social Security also wants to make sure that unnecessary benefits are not paid. The importance of informing Social Security about a beneficiary’s death can be understood by the strict rules implemented in regards to payments after a person’s death.