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SSA-1099/1042S Forms for Taxes

The tax season is quickly approaching, and soon it will be April 15th. Many people have already completed their taxes and other people have not started. For people who receive Social Security benefits they need to have one of two forms in order to file their taxes. Social Security mails these forms out to every beneficiary each year in January. The two forms are the SSA-1099 and the SSA-1042S. These forms show how much a person has received in Social Security benefits in the year prior. The SSA-1042S is for non-resident aliens who received or repaid benefits to Social Security. The SSA-1099 is for anybody else who receives benefits. These forms cover all benefits including disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), retirements, and survivors’ benefits. A person who receives benefits will need to have these forms with the specific information in order to file their taxes correctly. If a person did not receive their SSA-1099 or their SSA-1042S, there are ways to acquire a new form. Going to the Social Security website can allow a person to request the form. Social Security has also taken security measures that limit the time a person can spend on each page of the request form. A person can request the form for themselves or for a deceased person if they are receiving benefits on the same record. After requesting the forms online, Social Security will mail the necessary form to the beneficiary; it takes about ten business days to receive the form in the mail. If the beneficiary lives outside the United States, it may take up to thirty days. If the beneficiary does not receive the forms after the recommended wait time, they can contact their local Social Security office. For people who have moved there may be a couple of additional steps to take to ensure that they receive the forms for their taxes. First, make sure that Social Security has the updated address in their system before filling out the request form online. For people who have recently moved it is a good idea to call Social Security directly to request the form. This way the beneficiary can ensure that the forms will be mailed to the correct address. With all the stress that may occur during the tax season being prepared can really make a difference. If a person received their form in January when Social Security mails out the forms, they will not have to worry about requesting the forms again. However, for people who did not receive the forms or who may have misplaced them it is good to know that additional forms can be requested in a relatively stress free manner.

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