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The Disability Starter Kit

The Social Security Administration understands the complications and confusions associated with the application process for disability benefits for adults and children. There is a lot of information that Social Security needs to obtain in order to make a decision on a claim, and a lot of the information needs to be provided directly by the claimant. Social Security does not have the ability to obtain all the necessary information for a claim by typing a social security number into a computer. Therefore, Social Security has created a starter kit, which helps the claimant understand the process and explain the reasons why Social Security asks for specific information. The disability starter kits are available for adults and children in English as well as Spanish. Additionally, if a person needs to have the information translated, Social Security provides a free translator service. The starter kits are to help those who want to obtain benefits to prepare for the application process. Each starter kit contains important and helpful information to assist those who want to apply for disability benefits. Each kit includes a fact sheet containing information that answers questions that many people have about disability benefits, a list of the documents that Social Security will request during the application process, and a worksheet to assist the claimant in obtaining and organizing the necessary documents and information for the claim. The claimant will fill out the worksheet with information in regards to their medical and work history (the child kit substitutes a school history for work history). These histories will be very important throughout the life of the claim. The starter kits will be used to prepare for the initial interview. Social Security wants those who apply for benefits to be prepared and understand the application process. Much of this information is covered in the starter kit. Any additional questions can be asked during the initial interview. Also, any experienced attorney will be able to answer any questions about the process, eligibility, and necessary information. The starter kit may also be a helpful guide if a person decides to seek representation, as the representative will need to know all the information to adequately represent the claimant. Oftentimes, a representative cannot obtain information from Social Security immediately, so the kit can be used to inform the representative. The starter kit is not the application for Social Security. It only serves as a helpful tool to help the claimant understand the process and organize their information. There will be additional paperwork and forms to fill out for the actual application; however, the starter kit is helpful for anybody applying for disability benefits.

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