Tips When Hiring a Social Security Law Firm

Hiring the right Social Security law firm can make the difference between winning and losing your Social Security disability claim.

When I hire a Social Security law firm, how long should the Social Security law firm have been around?
Consider the 5-year rule.  If a Social Security law firm is less than 5 years old, either because of young attorneys or splintering from former partnerships, use caution.  It can take from 3 to 5 years for a new Social Security law firm to establish itself operationally.  New staff members need to gain experience, office protocols are still in their infancy, technology decisions can still be unresolved, and disability lawyers in the new disability law firm need to forge their professional firm relationships and vie for status.  These are distractions from helping you win your Social Security disability claim. Use caution on hiring “upstart” Social Security law firms.  Some newer firms with new attorneys can develop in-fighting and don’t last, dissolve, and try to argue (sometimes unethically) who gets your case.  Reduce this risk with a more established Social Security law firm.

Why does Social Security law firm culture count?
Yes!  Do you like eating dinner at a house with a dysfunctional family?  Why risk your Social Security disability claim on a dysfunctional Social Security law firm?  Like families, Social Security law firms can also be dysfunctional.  Clashing personalities and styles don’t help you win your Social Security claim.  Avoid them.  Attorneys are used to arguing, but the behavior trait must be productive.  You want to hire a Social Security law firm that can balance “vigorous advocacy” with a common touch with the people who most count:  You, the medical community, and the Social Security administrative law judges and staff at your local Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.  This seems patently obvious.   “You want to hire a Social Security law firm that can balance `vigorous advocacy’ with a common touch.”  

How do you learn about a Social Security law firm’s culture before your sign paperwork with them
Talk to the most experienced Social Security attorneys in the law firm.  While often overlooked, the most experienced attorneys have everything to do with the health of the Social Security law firm.  They drive the legal culture and impact the effectiveness of the entire Social Security law firm. Ask the most experienced Social Security law firm attorneys whether the attorneys work together on cases or do they work apart?  (Hint:  If an experienced Social Security law firm attorney only talks about himself, the firm may just be a one-man-show.)   Do the attorneys like each other?  Is there shared leadership in important Social Security law firm decisions?  (Hint:  A Social Security law firm working like a lot of separate little Social Security law firms is a bad sign.)  Finally, ask the most experienced Social Security law firm attorneys, “What does your Social Security law firm stand for?”  If you get a hesitant answer, hesitate hiring them. At, our Social Security attorneys have made Social Security law their life’s work.  This passion for Social Security law should be clear or move on.  It’s out there in the legal community.  You just need to find it.