Why Choose Us?

Our Professional Promise: Kindness, Confidentiality, and Respect.

Asking for Social Security Disability can be confusing and frustrating, especially when you don’t feel well. Our Social Security benefits lawyers work with people just like you every day. We understand how your medical problems can keep you from working. We understand our clients. We stand by our clients. We promise to be kind, confidential, and respectful. We are a real law firm with real lawyers. How real are we? Are you our next client? Contact us now for your free disability evaluation.

Home Visits

In many cases, our Social Security attorneys can meet with you in your home. Our home visits are typically available within a fifty mile radius of the major metro areas we serve. Contact to see how we can help you.

Experience Counts

With over 40 years combined legal experience helping over 20,000 clients, our lawyers understand how to argue for the Social Security benefits you deserve. This should be a piece of mind for you. We would like to help you, too. Contact us now to find out more.

Local Lawyers

Our Social Security lawyers may be working on a case right now with a judge that will later review your Social Security claim. Do you want this kind of legal experience working for you?

Local Offices

We have many office locations. One may be near you. Contact us to find out more.

100% Free, No Risk Evaluation

Contact us now for your Free Disability Evaluation. We will let you know if we can start helping you TODAY!

No Fee Unless You Win. Period.

  • No fees for getting your medical records
  • No fees for printings and processing documents
  • We only charge you a fee if you win your social security claim

A Better Way

Why is “No Fee Unless You Win” a big deal? Some attorneys and non-attorney corporations charge you extra for “out-of-pocket expenses,” such as photocopying charges, processing fees and payments for medical reports, etc. Some firms may even expect you to order and pay for your own medical records. This is wrong. You cannot work. Our Social Security benefits lawyers think a better way is to charge attorneys fees if you win. Nothing else.

How Do I Pay my Lawyer?

You pay nothing to our law firm unless you win your Social Security benefits claim. We take new clients just like you on a “contingent fee basis.” This means if you win benefits, we charge only 25% of your back benefits, or $6,000, whichever is less. (This amount can be changed from time to time by the Social Security Administration.) You pay no money up front. You pay no money during the process. And, again, you pay nothing if you lose. Why not contact our lawyers now? What is there to lose?

The Bottom Line

The only way our law firm gets paid is if you get approved for back payments of Social Security benefits. Social Security withholds 25% of your back benefits and sends it directly to us to pay your attorneys fees. Simple. And remember, you keep the remaining 75% of your back pay and ALL ongoing monthly benefits. How can our Social Security benefits lawyers help you today?