What a Disability Lawyer Should Do for You

A Disability Lawyer practicing Social Security disability law should do a lot of things for you and your Social Security disability claim.  What should you expect from your disability attorney? Keep you Informed Your disability lawyer and staff need to communicate with you.  Social Security claims can take up to two years and multiple appeals.  During this time, you need to understand what is going on.  Are there any problems?  Unnecessary delays?  Can I help?  A good Social Security lawyer is a professional who understands that you need to be part of the Social Security claim process, from beginning to end.  Every disability lawyer at DisabilityLawyer.com works together with an excellent staff to keep you involved and informed. Timely Appeals Your lawyer needs to set up technical systems to file and track your electronic Social Security Disability appeals.  If your application, request for reconsideration, request for hearing, or request for review of your hearing decision is late, you stand to lose everything.  Each disability lawyer at DisabilityLawyer.com has a group of professionally trained staff who document filings with receipts and track deadlines with sophisticated database systems.  Here, your disability attorney can also argue good cause for new clients to keep a delayed Social Security claim going.  If your Social Security benefits claim is not appealed, it goes nowhere.  You need to trust that your disability attorney will protect your rights.  You have that here. Legal Analysis Virtually anyone can “represent” you in your Social Security disability benefits claim.  Your mother, brother, niece, and some guy on the street with no training can walk with you into a Social Security hearing room.  Is this what you want?  Only a disability attorney who goes to law school, passes a bar examination, and maintains state law license is actually a lawyer who can give you legal advice about your Social Security claim.  Social Security hearings have judges who know the law.  Do you have a disability lawyer who does too? Answers to your Questions Your disability lawyer can ease your worries.  There are a lot of legal questions that your disability attorney can answer about your Social Security claim.  Am I going to the doctor enough?  What if a lose insurance?  What if my doctor believes I can work?  What will the ALJ be like?  Do I meet or equal a listing?  Does the grid benefit me?  Your disability lawyer at DisabilityLawyer.com can answer these legal questions about Social Security for you and many more.  Call today. Raise your Expectations Your disability lawyer at DisabilityLawyer.com should raise your expectations about how a lawyer should fight for your rights to monthly Social Security disability benefits.  Take an active role in your health.  Take an active role in your life.  Call DisabilityLawyer.com today.