Our Disability Lawyers

DisabilityLawyers.com:  Disability Lawyers with a Purpose

Some disability lawyers represent the disabled in Social Security disability benefits claims just for the money.  More clients are just more money.  Some disability attorneys even forgo their law licenses to make more money.  Some disability lawyers get into the Social Security business as a side venture, a way to augment their main practice.  This is not the case with the disability lawyers at DisabilityLawyer.com.  To our disability lawyers, you are clients, not cases.  You are our lifework, not a side venture.  Our clients are not banks of people on the Internet, you are people who each need legal help.  Now.

Helping disabled clients is what our disability lawyers at DisabilityLawyer.com do.  It is all we do.  Every day.  All day.  Our disability attorneys and trained paralegal staff dig in and apply, appeal, and argue Social Security claims for people like you.  We use the latest technology to track every call to make sure each call counts.  This is what you should expect from disability lawyers.

Why should you care about getting disability lawyers?  What can go wrong with your Social Security disability claim?  You can hire a non-attorney “disability corporation” that:

  • Forgets to apply for you (possibly losing substantial months of benefits),
  • Goes under and disappears (possibly leaving you without answers to your Social Security questions),
  • Forgets to appeal your claim (possibly costing you thousands of dollars by requiring you to refile),
  • Fails to argue good cause when necessary (which would avoid refiling a new claim),
  • Fails to request reopening of your prior claim (possibly costing you thousands of dollars),
  • Gives you bad advice about your Social Security forms (negatively impacting your claim),
  • Fails to adequately prepare you for your Social Security hearing (making the hearing more confusing for you than necessary),
  • Poorly cross-examines hearing experts who testify against you (possibly losing your claim), or
  • Makes a bad argument at your hearing (possibly losing your Social Security claim).

Consider what you will need from our disability attorneys at DisabilityLawyer.com.  You will need to know that your Social Security claim is pending, that your Social Security forms are submitted, that your Social Security appeals are filed, and that your Social Security attorneys have a legal strategy to argue for your right to Social Security disability benefits.  We can get what you need.

Finding the best disability lawyers for your Social Security disability benefits claim can be one of the most important decisions you make.  Be wary of Internet ads.  Before you hire anyone (including us), ask disability attorneys direct questions, such as:

  • Are you real disability lawyers?
  • Are you a real law firm?
  • Do only lawyers go to Social Security hearings?
  • Can I speak with one of your lawyers now about his or her experience?
  • Is Social Security all your Social Security attorneys do?  F0r how long?

  Get real with your Social Security claim.  Get real legal help.  Get real disability lawyers today.  Call us at DisabilityLawyer.com.  Ask us.  We’re here to answer your Social Security disability questions.