You Can Benefit from Our Advice

Life can be difficult enough, but if you have a chronic disability that significantly impacts your day-to-day activities, things become a lot tougher.

Help is available. If you have one or more of the qualifying disabilities listed below, and you live in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison WI, Milwaukee WI, Lexington KY, Louisville KY, Dayton OH, Columbus OH, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, or Toledo OH, we can help you claim the Social Security benefits to which you’re entitled.

Qualifying Disabilities

We have successfully argued for benefits for clients with the following disabilities:

Physical Disabilities

Do you have a long-term (over 12 months) physical disability that makes even the simplest daily chores difficult? Maybe even just walking is hard for you? If you have been diagnosed by a doctor, and are being treated regularly for your problem, you could be eligible for benefits. Our lawyers can use your medical evidence as proof that your disability is preventing you from working.

Mental Disabilities

Approximately 1 in 4 American adults suffer from some kind of mental illness. If you’ve been suffering for a year or more, you will know how debilitative and disruptive it can be. Severe depression is one of the more common problems, affecting one’s ability and/or desire to leave the house, do basic daily chores, and more. We can use your medical records to prove that your disability is currently hindering you from working.

Physical & Mental Disabilities

Often, a physical disability can lead to a mental illness. This is especially true for painful disabilities, such as chronic pain contributing to debilitating depression. We can use your medical records as legal evidence of your disability.