Neuropathy and Diabetes

Many people have diabetes.  The diagnosis itself is not disabling.  Social Security will review your symptoms that continue despite following your prescribed treatment, such as uncontrollable blood sugars, neuropathy, or diabetic retinopathy.  Your ability to walk, see, or maintain a regular day are relevant factors for your disability attorney to argue. Neuropathy can arise from diabetes but also from other medical conditions.  It usually affects fingers and toes, and can, over time, change your ability to walk or handle objects.  Neurologists should examine the cause of your neuropathy, and they should also offer medications or, if warranted, surgery.  Whether you choose surgery is up to you, but discussions involving surgery generally reflect the severity of your neuropathy.  Most important is your doctor’s careful documentation of your neuropathy on examination.  The more detail, the better.  At hearings, our clients describe things they can no longer do due to neuropathy.  Examples help lay out the detail of your day-to-day limitations in a way that little else can.