Applying for Disability and SSI Benefits

Applying for benefits is simpler today than it used to be. Advances in technology have allowed our team of legal professionals to help you from the first call to Social Security forward.  We can get your application going relatively quickly. Most important, however, are the limits of the Internet. Please take 5 minutes to complete our Free Disability Evaluation now.

The Internet has many advertisements targeted at disabled people who want Social Security.  Be careful who you hire. Social Security has very few requirements for “representatives”. In other words, almost anyone can go on the Internet and create a web site that seems to help you “apply” for Social Security benefits.

Our licensed lawyers and professionally-trained staff only use the official site to complete the on-line Social Security benefits applications for our legal clients. If you want to hire licensed attorneys help you with your Social Security claim, talk with us directly. A piece of legal advice from our lawyers: Never, EVER enter your Social Security number on-line without verifying you are at

Licensed attorneys offer you a level of privacy and legal protection you expect from professionals. Call us for a free, confidential consultation about Social Security Disability and SSI benefits.

Getting an Approval at Application and Reconsideration Levels

Legal advice can make a difference in your application for Social Security Benefits application. Social Security follows its own regulations. Our Social Security lawyers are trained to understand and argue them for you.

Who decides my Social Security claim when I apply? Throughout the country, state agencies decide whether your medical conditions are disabling under Social Security’s standards. Some states’ “Disability Determination Services” are better than others at making fair decisions at the application and reconsideration stages. These agencies follow strict guidelines and procedures in reviewing disability claims, but the process is lop-sided against you. Disability examiners who will coordinate the medical decision in your Social Security claim do not always have the discretion to do the right thing. Our lawyers understand that these state agencies can have their approvals reviewed at a higher rate than their denials. It is as if these state agencies are afraid to approve you! This is unfair. Having your own legal team can tip the balance the other way.

Despite the guidelines and internal pressures to deny claims at the application and reconsideration levels, there are strategies to increase your chances for approval at these stages. Our attorneys can employ strategies at the first two appeals to add medical evidence of your functional limitations from select sources.

Our legal knowledge of Social Security regulations can work to your advantage. Not all medical evidence carries the same legal weight. You have a greater chance of approval at the application and reconsider levels when state agencies receive certain kinds of medical evidence from treating sources beyond the medical record itself. And if this special evidence of your disability is ignored, our attorneys know that they can argue that this evidence to overturn these denials at the hearing level.

Earlier approvals, when possible, are important. They can avoid possibly years of waiting for benefits and, at the same time, lower your costs of representation. Faster approvals at the early stages of Social Security claims are just fine for us because they help you. Our clients frequently pass on how we have helped them.

Can we help you?  Call us today or complete our Free Disability Evaluation.