Social Security Benefit Claim Appeal Steps

Understanding The Social Security Disability Claims Process

No matter where you may live from Minneapolis, MN or Madison, WI through to Lexington, KY or Dayton OH, you have the option to obtain legal assistance at any time during your Social Security disability claims process. Some people choose to use a Social Security disability lawyer with their initial application, which can help prevent many common mistakes that lead to a denial.

If you do receive a denial, you have the option to go through the Social Security disability appeals process. Most cases must go to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to be successful. Again, this process is the same regardless of where you live. An experienced Social Security disability attorney can help in understanding how to prepare for each stage of the appeal.

The Initial Application

The timing of the initial application for Social Security disability benefits is important. You need to have a clear medical record that indicates that you have a qualifying illness, disease or injury and that you will not be able to work for at least one year.

The initial application typically takes between two and six months to review and decide. At that time you will receive a letter that will notify you of your approval or your denial.

The Appeal

The first appeal in Social Security disability claims is known as the reconsideration stage. Having a Social Security Disability attorney involved at this stage is highly recommended. People in Louisville, KY, Columbus, OH, Toledo, OH or in Cincinnati, OH can use our legal offices for assistance in preparing documents and obtaining medical records.

The Hearing

If you are denied at the reconsideration stage or not given the full benefits you are entitled to under the law you can move forward to have your case heard by an Administrative Law Judge. This is a federal judge that uses limited testimony to determine your case and your attorney is there to provide representation.

When cases don’t settle at this level there is an Appeals Council and then outside of the Social Security disability claims systems, the federal court. This last option can be used in Milwaukee, WI or Minneapolis, MN; it all depends on how you decide to proceed with your claim.