Disability Insurance Benefits (SSDI)

Your Options When Social Security Disability Insurance Is Denied

In many hard working American cities and towns like Cleveland, OH, Louisville, KY and Milwaukee, WI people are denied Social Security Disability Insurance each and every day. Many of these denials occur because of errors in completing the application forms or in missed or poor quality medical records that do not provide the information required to support the claim.

Legal Representation is Important

Bringing in a Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer, also known as an SSDI attorney, can help if you are one of the people that has his or her initial claim denied. In fact, the SSI Supplemental Security Income & SSDI process allows for three appeals options after a denial and then there is also the option to use the federal court system to obtain the benefits that you deserve.

In cities such as Lexington, KY, Dayton, OH, Columbus, OH and Toledo, OH as well as St. Paul, MN and Madison, WI there are experienced Social Security disability law firms that connect you with a trained, experienced SSDI attorney. This professional will explain, in detail, the options that you have if your initial claim is denied.

Appeals are Important

Appeals for Social Security Disability Insurance can be successful provided there is additional medical information and effective legal representation for the client. The appeals within the Social Security Disability Insurance programs include a reconsideration stage, which is a review of the original denial plus any additional documentation.

For this, if a denial occurs again there is the option to go to a hearing in front of a judge. These Social Security Disability Insurance hearings can be held in a variety of different areas including in Cincinnati, OH and Minneapolis, MN to name just two. If the hearing is not favorable you can go to the Appeals Council step and then on to the federal court. It is important to consult with an experienced Social Security Disability Insurance attorney as this may not be your best option.