Long term Disability

The Basics Of Long Term Disability Benefits

For employees in Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, St. Paul, MN or Milwaukee, WI, as well as those in Louisville, KY and Cleveland, OH, and any other area of the country, your employer may offer long term disability benefits insurance or you may choose to obtain private insurance for this type of coverage.

The basics of long term disability benefits do vary from policy to policy so it is important to take the time and carefully read the policy prior to purchasing the insurance. It is also important to read the policy prior to making a claim.

What is Covered?

Most long term disability benefits do not start to pay out immediately. In fact, they may not start to pay out until you have been off work at least six months. In many cases this is due to chronic types of illness or significant injuries that prevent you from working.

Long term disability benefits and insurance may also be offered with short term disability insurance but it is not required and may or may not be offered through your employer.


New policies offering long term disability benefits may also require that you apply for Social Security disability benefits you may be eligible for. In the event that you are found to be eligible for SSDI then you will be required to repay the private insurance any coverage provided during that time period. This is an allowable offset by the government.

Working with an attorney that understands both long term disability benefits as well as the SSDI programs is important. As the Social Security disability claims process can be difficult, you need to have legal representation to take your case as far as it is required to continue to receive your long term disability benefits.