The Pandemic of Disability

Many people with chronic medical disabilities are unable to work. They are therefore unable to earn money, and rely completely on Social Security Disability Insurance to finance their living expenses. However, not everyone with a disability qualifies for these programs. The information in this table will help you better understand the Benefits program, and how you can receive professional legal advice pertaining directly to your unique Social Security case.

The Pandemic of Disability
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How Does This Affect You?

You shouldn’t allow yourself to be discouraged by these statistics, facts and figures. Although there is an apparent pandemic of disability, more funding will be available if the economy strengthens and the government places tighter controls on low priority spending. If you are disabled, you should be able to rely on the Social Security Disability Program. Apply now.

Choose Attorneys Who Can Win Your Case

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits can be a minefield. You want qualified, practicing attorneys helping you to navigate your way through. Choose a lawyer who is:

  • Licensed – one who has passed the bar exam and is currently practicing law.
  • Experienced – his or her Social Security experience may be the difference between you winning or losing.
  • Actually going to be at your hearing – Although Social Security permits representatives without any legal experience to attend hearings, this is not in your best interest. Choose a law firm that will make sure you are represented by a qualified lawyer.
  • Familiar with your local Office of Disability Adjudication and Review – the judge may like things done a certain way. A local lawyer will know this and present your claim accordingly.
  • Trustworthy.

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