The Role Of Social Security Disability Attorneys in Lexington, KY

Social Security disability benefits are provided to people that become injured or ill and are unable to work for at least one year. It is also available to people that are terminally ill and cannot work due to a specific illness or health condition. However, despite the fact that SSI and SSD is offered, most people will be initially denied their claim for benefits. This is when individuals in Lexington, KY often turn to Social Security Disability attorneys for assistance.

Claim Denial

A claim denial is always accompanied by a letter that provides the reasons for the denial as well as information about how to appeal the decision. If you don’t already have a Social Security disability attorney on your case at this time, you definitely need to hire an experienced, Social Security disability attorney. Your attorney will be invaluable in reviewing your initial claim, correcting errors and omissions, and helping you with the appeal process.

Preparing the Paperwork in Lexington, KY

A large part of the initial claim and the first appeal process completed by your Lexington, KY Social Security disability attorneys will include medical documentation. This has to show ongoing treatment for the condition and include medical records and data from your physicians, therapists and other medical professionals. The attorney or attorneys on your case will ensure that all records are accurate, complete and contain the language that is required.

Seeing You Through

While Lexington, KY Social Security disability attorneys are very familiar with the process, they also understand that this is all new and overwhelming for clients. An experienced attorney will always keep you informed of the status of your case as well as answer any questions you may have about the current process or your future options.