Information That Cleveland, OH Social Security Disability Attorneys Require

While Social Security disability attorneys in Cleveland, OH can handle completing forms, requesting medical records and ensuring all documentation is provided to prove your claim, you will have to be an active part of the process as well. This is not as demanding as it may seem, but by spending some time getting records in order, you can prevent omissions or delays in tracking down necessary information.

Essential Documents required in Cleveland, OH

To help Social Security disability attorneys in Cleveland, OH prepare your appeal, it is important that you provide a letter of your previous denial. This letter will indicate the reason or reasons for the denial, which the attorney can then use to supply the information or correct any errors.

In addition, it is critical to have a list of the hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics that you have attended regarding your illness or injury. This can include emergency treatments, hospitalizations, or regular visits. If at all possible, list all dates as well as the specific medical professional that treated you at the facility and the type of treatment provided.

Other Information

Provide information on any types of therapies, medications or treatments that you are currently on or participating in. This can include medical and mental health treatments as well as physical therapy or rehabilitative types of therapies. Talk to your Social Security disability attorneys in Cleveland, OH if you are participating in any alternative types of therapies such as acupuncture or massage, they may or may not be acceptable medical sources for the Social Security Administration.

Work Information

In addition to medical information, you should also have available your work history, which should go back at least 15 years. While this may be more information than needed, it is better to have the information available than incomplete or inaccurate.

Your Cleveland, OH Social Security disability attorneys may also request other information and documentation. Providing it as quickly as possible will help in getting your claim application submitted in a timely manner to allow you to start receiving benefits as soon as possible.

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