Your First Meeting With Social Security Disability Attorneys in Dayton, OH

Dealing with health problems is never easy and it is even more challenging when your ability to earn an income is diminished or completely stops. It can become more overwhelming when you find out that going through the Social Security disability claim process in Dayton, OH can take months to find out if you have been approved. One way to eliminate some of the stress and worry at this time is to work with Social Security disability attorneys throughout the initial claim process as well as in any appeals.

Free Evaluation in Dayton, OH

Top Social Security disability attorneys in Dayton, OH will provide you with a free evaluation of your case. This can usually be done online by answering a few questions that provide the attorney with a quick snapshot of your claim. Typically questions will include information on current benefits, type of injury, current medical support and if an attorney is already providing legal services.

Once these online forms are submitted, a local Social Security disability attorney in Dayton, OH will contact you. He or she will discuss your case, in confidence, and provide you with a guideline of what you can expect in benefits and specifics on your case.

Ask Questions in Dayton, OH

When you are speaking with Social Security disability attorneys in Dayton, OH you should have questions that you ask regarding their experience in cases like yours and how those cases settled. The attorney should be able to provide you with information on the general aspects of similar cases. It is important to realize that each case is different and may have factors that are unlike those in your claim.

You can also discuss fees and costs for representation, which are typically based on a contingency payment model. This information will allow you to select the firms offering the Social Security Disability attorneys in Dayton, OH that you are comfortable working with.