Have you been denied Social Security Disability SSDI / SSI

Receiving a letter from the Social Security Administration, saying you’ve been denied Social Security Disability Benefits may seem devastating at first, but it isn’t really. Most applications are denied at the first two levels, but are approved once the application goes to hearing. So all is not lost!

What does the denial actually say?

We’ll look at your disability determination to see whether there is a technical reason for why you’ve been denied Social Security Disability Benefits. Technical denials are not often overturned on appeal, so you need to get good advice on this.

Does your denial have a date on it?

It should, as we need to appeal within 60 days of this date. If we are late appealing for some reason, we can ask for “good cause” so that we don’t have to file a whole new claim.

Did your denial list all your recent medical sources?

Perhaps some of your records were missing – check the list received by Social Security. We can make sure that all the records are present before your appeal to help avoid another denial.

Why does Social Security deny so many people at application level, but then approve them later on appeal?

This is just the reality of the system. It is aimed somewhat at filtering out bad claims, but unfortunately the legitimate claims fall into the pot as well.

What is the benefit of using an experienced Social Security attorney?

He or she can advise you on what medical proof may be lacking, for example. This might just turn your whole claim around. They can review your denial and offer open advice about the chances of approval on appeal.

Social Security Disability Evaluation