Retirement & Social Security Disability

Consider Social Security Retirement Benefits Before Full Retirement Age

As you age, you may find that health related issues become more and more problematic and pose more of a challenge to working. Depending on your specific health issues and your age you may want to consider applying for both Social Security disability as well as Social Security retirement benefits.

Coverage Without Limiting Options

If you are leaving work because of health issues and you are at an age that you can draw early Social Security retirement benefits, you may want to apply for both retirement and Social Security disability benefits. Although your early Social Security retirement benefits will be lower than if you waited for full retirement age, they will begin to pay immediately without the need to go through an approval process.

This will ensure that you have an income, from the Social Security retirement benefits, while your SSDI application is processed. If you are approved you will be shifted from early retirement to SSD, plus your income from SSD will be considered when you do reach full retirement age and begin to collect your full Social Security retirement benefits.

Getting Help

As there are options to consider whenever you apply for these programs, talk to one of our experienced attorneys prior to making any decisions.

Our attorneys can explain the details of Social Security retirement benefits and how they can be used temporarily when you are applying for SSDI. We can also answer any questions you may have or assist with your application at any stage in the process.

Social Security Disability Evaluation