Short term Disability Insurance

Understand Your Options For Short Term Disability Benefits

The terms long and short term disability benefits are sometimes difficult to understand when it comes to making a claim. Typically short term disability benefits are provided by private insurance companies and can be provided to employees by an employer or purchased as private insurance by individuals.

Working With An Attorney

It is important to work with an attorney on any long or short term disability benefits claims. This is because specific documentation will need to be included for each claim and failing to provide the documents can result in delays or denials of your claim for insurance and assistance.

Common Issues

Short term disability benefits are usually fairly simple to apply for and obtain providing you have the necessary medical records. Common health issues that are covered by these benefits include maternity leave, accidents or injuries on the job, but it typically will not cover pre-existing conditions.

It typically pays out a percentage of your wage for a set amount of time. Short term disability benefits also don’t start to pay until the employee has been out of work for a specific period of time and usually requires that the employee use any vacation or sick time before starting short term disability.

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