Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The Basics Of Supplemental Security Income

One of the more challenging forms that you will be required to complete is the application for SSI disability. Attorneys can be extremely helpful in assisting you in completing this form as it asks for very detailed information on your assets, income and resources.

Unlike many types of assistance programs, SSI or Supplemental Security Income, is only provided to those that show a financial need. In addition, recipients have to continue to show that need to continue to receive the benefits. It is important to be accurate and honest on the form as it is a legal document that you provide to the government about your financial status.

Working With SSI Disability Attorneys

SSI Disability attorneys will be able to talk to you about your application for SSI. They will usually be able to look at your financial information, lists of assets and income and tell you if you may qualify for the program. Typically SSI pays out much less than other SSDI programs. While you may apply for both DIB (Disability Insurance Benefits) and SSI, you will not receive the full amount on both if approved for both. SSI is paid retroactively to the date of the application if you are approved.

SSI benefits, if you are also getting DIB, will only pay benefits not already covered by the DIB program. However, if your financial situation changes over time and you end up with reduced benefits or with some other decrease in financial status this can be reviewed.

Social Security Disability Evaluation